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Water Management


$45 per hour

  • System Management Includes

    • CalSense, HydroPoint, Base Line, Rain Bird, Hunter, ETWater and Toro Central Systems​​​​

Water Management, System Maintenance, Sensor Maintenance, Controller Check, Monthly Monitoring, Water Management Passages

Monthly Water Management Package ($19.99/month per controller)

  • Daily Controller Monitoring

  • Reports on Request

  • Flow Monitoring

  • Work Order Production

  • Automatic Repair Estimates

  • Upgrade Reports

  • Controller Dashboard Access Upon Request

  • Properties must have central control systems.

    • Ask Proper for CCS options.

Yearly Water Management Packages ($69.99)

  • Yearly System Assessment

    • Controller and Valve Inspection

    • Emission Device Report

    • Main Line and Lateral Inspection

    • Pressure and Water Quality Report

  • Central Controller Upgrade Proposal

    • Potential ROI

    • Proposed Water Reduction

    • Emission Device Retrofit Options

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