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Neighborhood:  Bayshore Beautiful

Property type:  Residential

Water Saving Components:  

  • Hydrawise Smart Controller

  • Pressure regulated drip conversion kits

  • PC Emitterline

  • Locking Drip Fittings

This project, like so many of our other retrofits, will offer extended water savings while reducing wasteful overspray. Too often new systems are not installed to manufacturer specifications and poor coverage is the result.


  • Like a lot of Tampa houses, this South Tampa residence has mature landscaping that has wreaked havoc on adjacent hardscapes. First things first, Proper located the leak, repaired the break, and had pavers replaced all within 24 hours.

  • The original irrigation design was wasteful and provided water to areas that didn’t need irrigation. Proper, capped off existing heads and installed pressure regulated pop-up conversion kits to filter and regulate drip lines.

  • With high traffic areas, Proper installed driplines below groundcover, with locking drip fittings. These locking fittings will last the lifetime of the system and ensure no connections come apart.


  • Locating leaks beneath hardscapes can be a futile effort. Reduce irrigation on high traffic, non-landscape areas.


  • Cap off paver break.

  • Relocate water below groundcover to root base.


  • This residence reduced usage by 1700 gallons a month, and that’s converting a single zone!

  • Eliminating a break underneath pavers is always a good idea to reduce slip and fall liability.

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