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Neighborhood:  Palma Ceia

Property type:  Condominium Complex

Water Saving Components:  

  • ¾” Brass Full Flow On/Off Valves

  • PC Emitterline

  • Locking Drip Fittings

  • Hydrawise Smart Controller

This project, like so many of our other retrofits, will offer extended water savings while reducing wasteful overspray. Too often new systems are not installed to manufacturer specifications and poor coverage is the result.


  • A longtime customer of Proper was continually having issues with broken sub-main lines outside residences.

  • Breaks lead to prolonged shutoff of water supply and erosion.


  • Each resident requires their own water shutoff, but the existing valves were installed above grade with high potential for breakage. Tight spacing made the installation and removal of valves a meticulous ask.


  • Remove existing valves and install new valves below grade in protective valve boxes.


  • Valves were lowered into valve boxes for easy on/off in the case of inhouse breakage.

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