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Tampa Neighborhood:  Hyde Park

Property type:  Residential

Water Saving Components:  

  • Micro-Irrigation

  • Hunter HLD Emitterline with Check Valve

  • Locking Drip Fittings


  • This customer was faced with the same challenge as many of our other established neighborhoods around Tampa. After landscapes have matured, there is not much surface area to expand the demands of our imagination. Most homeowners resort to pots in remote locations or on hardscapes, irrigating these areas can be difficult.

  • For the irrigation in pots and remote beds we used variable on/off valves, ¼” PE tubing, ¼” Emitterline and miscellaneous barbed fittings.

  • A lot of South Tampa is blessed with reclaimed water, while this can be economical for turf irrigation, the hard water can pose issues with certain plants and especially roses. This house has potable water on turf and reclaimed running through the drip for plants.

  • The homeowners recently had plants installed and additional irrigation was needed to provide adequate coverage. Ideal circumstances warrant calling Proper prior to making landscape improvements. With the notice up front we can provide recommendations on landscape designs that will yield water savings.


  • New plantings lacked adequate coverage and were starting to wilt shortly after investment. Excessive bubbler irrigation was staining restored front porch brick.


  • Micro-irrigation was upgraded to accurate emission device technology and on/off valves were installed for seasonal irrigation decisions.


  • Reduction of staining on porch and new plantings are receiving adequate irrigation. Plants in and out of pots are thriving and aesthetically the landscape is no longer blemished by a matrix of small tubing.

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