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Residential Irrigation, Sprinkler Repair, High-Efficiency Retrofit


Tampa Neighborhood:  Henry & Ola Park 

Property type:  Residential

Water Usage:

      Prior to Retrofit:  14,400 Gallons/Month

      Post-Retrofit:         8,640 Gallons/Month

Water Saving Components:  

  • MP Rotator (Matched Precipitation Nozzles)

  • Pressure Compensating Total CV Emitterline

  • Pressure Regulated Pop-Ups

  • Locking Drip Fittings

Average Monthly Reduction

(@ $8.82 / 1,000 Gallons):  

  • ($)50.80

  • (Gallons saved) 5,760


  • We focused on bringing water down to the roots surface in the beds with drip irrigation and closer to the turf with streaming rotary nozzles. This customer will reduce water usage by more than 30%!

  • Paired with rotary nozzles were manufacturer recommended pop-up sprinklers with built in pressure regulation. Regulating pressure at a head level ensures the popup nozzle will see a consistent amount of water regardless of system fluctuations.

  • Other upgrades include locking fittings for drip connections, a better alternative to flimsy insert fittings.

  • To prevent blow-offs caused by temperature fluctuations we used 100% virgin resin Total CV emitterline. Less foaming additives in the tubing reduces the chance of the emitterline slipping off a fitting. It’s also longer lasting for environmental friendliness!


  • Reduce substantial overspray and poor DU’s rates due to initial irrigation design.


  • Convert overhead irrigation in beds to drip and install new pressure regulated pop-ups and matched precipitation nozzles on turf zones.


  • More than 5,000 gallons of water saved monthly, elimination of slip and fall liability and over $500 saved a year.

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