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Neighborhood:  Hudson, FL

Property type:  Residential

Water Saving Components:  

  • Pressure Regulated Rotors

  • Accu-Sync Valve Regulation

  • MP Rotator's

This project, like so many of our other retrofits, will offer extended water savings while reducing wasteful overspray. Too often new systems are not installed to manufacturer specifications and poor coverage is the result.


  • Tract homes throughout Central Florida are all plagued with the same high-pressure situation. While homes may have 60-80psi at the meter, most pop-up's are designed to work at 30psi, rotors at 45psi and drip as low as 20psi. 

  • While counties don't require any form of pressure regulation on irrigation systems, Proper highly recommends using regulation at a head or valve level. 

  • Controlling pressure helps keep water droplets the perfect size to cover a nozzles radius consistently. 


  • High pressures were causing heads to mist resulting in a loss of 40% coverage.


  • Conventional rotors were replaced with PRB model heads, pressure regulated to 45psi.

  • Accu-Sync pressure regulators were installed on each spray valve.


  • Controlling pressure on the rotor zones resulted in a reduction of 40% water usage.

  • Optimizing pressure to 30psi on spray zones resulted in a reduction of 25% water usage.

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