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Tampa Neighborhood:  St George’s Greek Church in New Port Richey

Property type:  Church

Water Saving Components:  

  • Hunter HLD Emitterline with Check Valve

  • Locking Drip Fittings

This project, like so many of our other retrofits, will offer extended water savings while reducing wasteful overspray. Too often new systems are not installed to manufacturer specifications and poor coverage is the result.


  • Expansion projects can be difficult and a lot of contractors refuse to work on them. The challenge related to these projects is typically the over lying mystery involved in locating the existing system and how or what rational was used when installing.

  • A day was spent on discovery and scope determined a new drip system was needed for the monument going in.

  • Emitterline and locking fittings were used throughout the beds ensuring the system would be able to handle potential foot traffic. Emitterline will help apply water directly to the plants’ root base.

  • Flood bubblers use a lot of water (3-4 GPM) and we typically don’t use them at Proper but the exception was made due to sandy soils and expedition of tree establishment.


  • A new monument was going in with very little time before the churches massive Greek Festival. Sandy soils and remote location made project scope challenging.


  • A battery powered timer and new valve manifold was installed. Emitterline with locking fittings will irrigate all new plantings.


  • Reducing well water, whenever possible, is crucial to the longevity of our aquifers. Along with well water reduction, plants are getting the water they need, where they need it.

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